The Developer of Acupedia


The Developer of Acupedia


Dr.Visuddhi Lee is a practising acupuncturist and homeopath. He holds Diplomas in Acupuncture from Medicina Alternative, Open University and in Homeopathy from the Homeopathic Academy Council of Malaysia. He has attended training in China’s Beijing International Acupuncture Training centre and he is a disciple of Dr. Lee Kuo Cheng, a prominent direct lineage Teacher of Master Tung Acupuncture in Taiwan. In the field of Homeopathy, he is a post graduate from the National Academy of Homeopathy, Nagpur, India.

He is a member of Majilis Perubatan Homeopathy Malaysia and a Life Member of Acupuncture Science Association, India. He holds practising certificates from Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Society Malaysia and Malaysian Society for Complementary Medicine. Master Lee teaches the Master Tung Style and Balance Method Acupuncture Systems. He is a much sought after Acupuncture instructor in India and is regarded as the foremost coach in the Tung and Balance systems. His regular training courses have helped many practitioners improve their cure rate and helping India to become a centre of Excellence in the field of Acupuncture.

Master Lee comes from a strict Science background. To his credit, he possesses an ability to demystify the often confusing philosophy of classical Chinese Medicine and present them in a comprehensible and usable logic. His other areas of expertise include Holographic Gua sha and Chinese Bloodletting. Master Lee is the proud developer of ACUPEDIA a ground-breaking Medical Software Program which integrates Classical and Modern Acupuncture Best Practices into a single module.